Defending Democracy

Protecting Election Officials from Digital Threats

In 2020, online mobs tracked down information about election workers and their families, and shared what they found: home addresses, personal phone numbers, email addresses, and social media accounts. Publishing this data, or doxxing, they encouraged online and offline intimidation and threats. The impact of threats and intimidation on our nation’s election workers should not be underestimated.

We produced this paper, in partnership with The Elections Group, to discuss how to secure election officials in upcoming election cycles. We recommend concrete steps election officials can take in their individual capacities to strengthen their resilience against online harassment that turns physical.


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Security Positive and BrightLines are here

Since 2010, Security Positive has supported the security of civil society, journalists, political candidates and public figures across the globe. We pioneered tools and services specifically to fight online harassment, hopping into the fray to support the women attacked during GamerGate in 2014. Since, our advice has evolved as more groups are targeted online. In 2018, that expanded to the election work in the US, and, specifically, to public figures under attack.

This work demonstrates the need for more support of online profile management. To help, we created a tool that shores up all of the areas of vulnerability on the internet.

BrightLines provides comprehensive PII management for key personnel at risk of targeted attacks. It finds and scrubs PII from a deep web search of over 100 sources, including people search engines, data brokers sites, online public records searches, images searches, and voter rolls. It conducts a dark web scan to understand where your data and credentials may have been compromised in breaches. BrightLines also offers bespoke advice for how to manage online profiles going forward.

We made BrightLines the most comprehensive tool because we know that with online PII, it only takes one site, one listing of your data to find you.

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