Layering your defenses

If you use internet-enabled devices: 

Securing your phones, computers, and gadgets against phishing and other attacks

When you’re working around others or in public places, your devices have the potential to be compromised. Someone could swipe a phone left laying on the desk, or an insecure network you’re connecting to can offer a portal into your workday.

If you need immediate assistance:

Seeking law enforcement or other security assistance

In your professional capacity as leader in election administration you may need to contact law enforcement for help. Given the patchwork of law enforcement bodies - varying local, state, federal jurisdictions - it may be unclear how they coordinate with each other in instances where multiple bodies may need to be involved.

If you want a safer work-from-home environment: 

Protecting your internet connection against WiFi and router attacks

To ensure a safer work-from-home environment, you need to make sure your router is secure, and that your WiFi networks are set up with encryption and passwords.

If you want to fight the trolls: 

Creating communications strategies for engaging with disinformation and trolling

If the organization keeps an official account that is separate from the election official’s personal account, the organization has the ability to build policies that will aid management of social media engagement.  Start with setting your ground rules. Clarify what you’ll tolerate, what values you espouse, and what actions you’ll take if someone transgresses those boundaries.

If you'd prefer to be fully prepped: 

Building an incident response plan in preparation for a number of different crises

It’s a good idea to prepare for incidents to minimize their impact and to reduce the confusion and stress of trying to navigate the situation safely.  By creating an incident response plan, you’ll improve both the timeliness and quality of your response to incidents if and when they occur.  The incident response plan lists actions you will take before, during, and after a specific scenario.

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